Summer Camp


Our summer camp program runs from Monday, June 19 – Friday, August 25, 2017. You will only be charged for the weeks for which you register. However, you are responsible to pay for the days marked on your registration form whether or not your child attends on those days. Our staffing will be set by May 26, 2017. Therefore, no changes to your schedule will be made after that date unless it is to add dates.  There will be water play every Friday.

Week #1 June 19-23 Happy Campers!  Join us as we spend warm sunny days outdoors.  We’ll plant a garden, search for bugs and butterflies, take a nature walk and pretend to go on a camping trip!  We’ll end the week with a morning of water play!

Week #2 June 26-June 30 Transportation: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. How do we get around town? Buses, vans, bikes, cars, and trucks!  We’ll talk about the many different ways we get from here to there!  We’ll pretend to take a plane ride to faraway places, ride the rails over tall mountains, and sing about those wheels on the bus!

Week #3 July 3-7 (closed July 4) Party in the USA! It’s all about showing off our red, white and blue! We’ll let the party begin by making 4th of July decorations followed by celebrating America the Beautiful!  We’ll end the week with an all-camp bike parade! Reminder: we are closed on Tuesday, July 4th.

Week #4 July 10-14 Beach Bash!  Join us for an underwater adventure!  This week we’ll learn about some awesome sea creatures in the big blue ocean and we’ll talk about our favorite things to do at the beach.  A visit from the Annapolis Maritime Museum is planned who will bring creatures from the Chesapeake Bay for us to touch.

Week # 5 July 17-21Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?  We’ve invited people from many different jobs to visit us this week. The children will have the opportunity to ask questions, explore tools of the trade, and dress up like their favorite community helper.

Week #6 July 24-28 The Wild World of Sports.  Join us for a week of sports of all kinds.  Team sports, relay races, & cooperative games will all be on tap this week.  From kick ball to volleyball, we’ll experience it all!

Week #7 July 31-Aug. 4 Aargghh, Matey!  This week we’ll pretend to be swashbuckling’ pirates on the high seas! From peg legs to eye patches, we’ll look, talk and walk like a pirate.  Join us as we search for buried treasure by digging under the “X”!

Week #8 Aug 7-11 Wild and Windy Weather!  How many different types of weather do we see in Maryland?  From a light drizzle to tornadoes, we have it all!  We’ll make our own tornado in a bottle, learn about the water cycle, and explore snowflakes.  We’ll watch the clouds and learn about the different kinds and which ones bring a storm!

Week #9 Aug. 14-18 Our Mind-Blowing Body! From blood flow to digestion, our bodies can do incredible things! Join us as we learn about our many organs and all they can do.  We’ll take a look at our bones through x-rays, listen to our heartbeats through a stethoscope and explore our world through our five senses.

Week #10 Aug.21-25 Anything Goes!  This week, we’ll revisit our top 5 activities from this summer.  Will it be the bike parade? A ride on the high seas? A day playing a favorite sport? Or a trip by plane to Disneyland?  We’ll let the campers decide!

Tuition payments:  $225 per week/ $60 per day for Pre-K and School age; $230 per week/$60 per day for Preschool 3 & $245 per week/ $60 per day for the Little Room. Payments will be due every Monday for the CURRENT week. If payment is not received by Monday, a late fee of $35 will be charged. Failure to pay tuition will result in the termination of your child from our summer program. Vacation Bible School is scheduled for the week of July 24th from 9:00am – 12:00 noon. A separate registration form will be sent out to those families interested in VBS.

Registration Fee $40.00


Vacation Bible School is scheduled for the week of July 24-28, 2017  9 a.m. -12:00 noon. A separate registration form will be sent out to those families interested for that particular week.